Committees and Topics

The committees below each seek to uniquely address and solve issues related to our conference theme, Redefining Authority, and lead our world to a more sustainable future. 

Chair reports are here.

Chair reports will include helpful information and resources regarding committee topics. Look under committee topics to find chair reports.

Some committees are more challenging than others.

Committee levels are determined by the difficulty of the topics. More experienced delegates are encouraged to select advanced or intermediate committees.  









Economic and World Health Organisation (ECOWHO)

Chaired by: Caisa Quinn & Alex Lee

1. Implementing international regulations regarding scientific advancement in genetic modification of humans.

2. Advancing the global health standard by confronting the issue of vaccination hesitancy.

Chair Reports


United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

Chaired by: Ara Jung & Bhumija Sakpal

1. Addressing the issue of drug use and the regulations around it in an international setting.

2. Combatting unemployment concerns resulting from developments of artificial intelligence.

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Human Rights Council (HRC)

Chaired by: Helen Wong, Sean Holt, & Ann Tang

1. Developing the empowerment of women in leadership roles within the global economy.

2. Measures to mitigate immigration hurdles within the African Region associated with economic emigration. 

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Disarmament Commission

Chaired by: Jack Kim & Maylin Quinn

1. Promoting peaceful exploration and use of outer space through international management of militarization of space.

2. Addressing the issue of civilian access and possession of guns and universal gun control legislation.

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Security Council (SC)

Chaired by: Wilson Yao Wong & Nana Cheung

1. Promoting the safeguarding of civilians in armed conflicts in the Middle East through International Protection and Security.

2. Addressing the crisis in Venezuela in relation to its relevancy within the international community.

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1994 Historical Committee

Chaired by: Ken Wu & Flora Meng

1. Alleviating the tensions in the Rwandan Civil War

2. Resolving the 1994 Yemeni Civil War

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