SCIMUN was established in 2016 by Mark Shen (QSI senior) and advisor Kyle Mims, with the hopes of becoming an international platform for civil debate. Following the motto: “student-led, student-initiated, student-involved,” SCIMUN actively promotes student empowerment, and our three-day conference holds the wellbeing of all participants to the highest degree. We seek to provide a positive atmosphere for creative discussion, collaborative work, and powerful expression. Despite our short history, we guarantee professionalism and expertise. That is the tradition we uphold.


Through the Years.



The first establishment of SCIMUN 2016 championed Sustainability, holding an all-green conference with 120 attendees. Delegates came from China to Belize to congregate in the Shekou Nanhai Hilton in Shenzhen.



SCIMUN 2017 followed the theme of Rule of Law, exploring the necessity of civil discourse in a post-truth society. The administration upheld all the values of the first conference, commended for its professionalism.



With the focus on International Security, SCIMUN 2018 sought to promote awareness of these very real global issues that threaten the peace. Over 150 students participated in fruitful debate.



Under the theme Global Development, SCIMUN 2019 committed itself to growth and to fighting apathy, hoping that each and every participant experienced some form of character development. Students from 11 schools convened at the Hilton one last time before SCIMUN moves to the Marriott.



Although SCIMUN 2020 was canceled due to the outbreak of COVID-19, following the theme of Redefining Authority, SCIMUN 2020 had planned to task 180 delegates to challenge themselves to not only define authority but also address the themes of injustice and rebellion in their respective committees, critically thinking and developing their global mindedness under.

Our Core Values.


We place utmost importance on creating a realistic and professional conference experience.   


Delegates are pushed to work together to find solutions to the issues at hand.


SCIMUN advocates for sustainable solutions, fostering environmental awareness.


SCIMUN is proud to be student-led, student-initiated, and student involved. 

Global Connection

SCIMUN encourages students to maintain an international worldview when tackling global issues. 


SCIMUN embraces change, viewing development as potential for resolution. 

 2021 Theme: Suppressing Disorder

It is not an exaggeration to call the year 2020 the definition of disorder. Shaken by the unprecedented pandemic of COVID-19, the world was forced to change all the means of living; the rages of the Hong Kong citizens have yet to be pacified, extending the political unrest; the outraging crowds of the African American citizens have cried for justice through the demonstration of the Black Lives Matter movement. Now, have the authorities dealt the situation well and could their responses be regarded as “good”? What could global cooperation, specifically the United Nations, do to “suppress the disorder”? SCIMUN VI invites you to explore these questions in our conference along with your fellow delegates and chairs.


Sharon Han



Sharon Han is a senior at Quality Schools International (QSI) Shenzhen. Born in Korea but raised in Shenzhen, Sharon had the opportunity to experience two similar but contrasting cultures and was able to widen her view of the world as she began to be part of QSI International School. Sharon fell in love with MUN at her first conference (XIAMUN 2015) when she was 12 years old and participated in a total of seven conferences – including four SCIMUN conferences as a delegate, chair, and DSG – and was deeply engrossed by the quality of international connectivity entertained in these conferences. Fascinated by the former Secretary Generals (alumni of QSI) of SCIMUN, Sharon dedicated herself to her school’s MUN and Debate Club since Freshmen, later becoming President, and also has been a member and officer of multiple Honor Societies. As SCIMUN 2021’s Secretary General, she pledges to continue to integrate the traditional values of SCIMUN into this conference and create the utmost pleasant and memorable conference for everyone who wishes to take part in SCIMUN 2021.

Michael You



Michael You is a Senior at Quality Schools International (QSI) Shenzhen. Born and, for the most part, raised in Shenzhen, he was able to gain a deep understanding of Chinese culture—thereby granting him a more broad understanding of international politics. Additionally, Michael also possess a great passion for international relations and business, two subjects deeply related to MUN. This has greatly aided him in MUN debate, winning numerous awards across 8 conferences (including chair-ships and cabinet experiences). Outside of MUN, Michael is also an active participant in the QSI community: co-leading the SAT prep club and acting as treasurer for the National Chinese Honor Society among other things. Michael is excited to be able return to SCIMUN once again as Chief Financial Officer, and will strive to deliver all delegates attending SCIMUN 2021 an excellent MUN debate experience.

Nana Cheung



Nana Cheung is a junior at quality Schools International (QSI) Shenzhen. Upon experiencing her first conference in middle school, she began nurturing her passion for MUN throughout high school by exploring different aspects of Model UN in order to gain a more holistic view of the academic activity. In school, she is currently the President of QSI MUN Club, President of Reading Buddies Club, and a member of various Honor Societies. Nana is very committed to guiding students into MUN where she hopes they can develop their own enthusiasm for the activity. As SCIMUN 2021’s Deputy Secretary General, she pledges to provide a unique and memorable conference for all participants of SCIMUN 2021 in light of the current predicament.

Ara Jung



Ara Jung is a senior at Quality Schools International (QSI) Shenzhen. As a Korean born in Shenzhen, Ara has been gifted the opportunity to be exposed to different cultures. She is able to speak and write in Chinese, Korean, English, Spanish and Cantonese. Ara is passionate in MUN and has debated since freshman year both as chair and delegates in over 5 conferences. In school, Ara is the current President of NHS, Economics club and a member of multiple Honor Societies. She is extremely honored to be returning to SCIMUN as the Chief of Staff and she pledges to dedicate all her effort to helping create a pleasant and memorable conference.

Michelle Chai



Michelle Chai is a senior at Quality Schools International (QSI) Shenzhen. Experiencing five MUN experiences since 2018 (STMUN) as a delegate, she got used to MUN conferences. Beside applying as a delegate, she was a member of SCIMUN Press 2019. Furthermore, other than MUN, she was the president of a yearbook club. Now, she is working as a president of a school broadcast club Dragon Media Network (DMN), and a member of a film club. Therefore, she is skilled at handling the camera, and passionate about live streaming and taking photography. Being as chief of press in SCIMUN 2021, Michelle would like to share her knowledge with new press members and hope delegates and chairs can remember the memories of SCIMUN 2021 vividly. 

Alex Lee



Jun Ho (Alex) Lee is a senior at Quality Schools International Shenzhen. Born in Busan, South Korea, Alex came to China at the age of 1. Alex grew up as an international student and was privileged enough to explore and experience several multicultural events. As such, MUN inevitably came to Alex when he was 13, and he continuously participated in a total of 9 conferences winning several awards. While Alex suffers through his journey of the IB Diploma, he manages to enjoy the privileges that are provided to him. Besides debating, Alex has significant interest in science and music. In fact he is the president of the QSI Shenzhen Chapter of the Science National Honor Society and Lab Band; he also participates as a member in the National Honor Society, Math Honor Society, National English Honor Society, and National Computer Science Honor Society. As SCIMUN’s Chief of Marketing Officer and a Chair, Alex pledges to utilize his knowledge and experience gained through his high school career to allow delegates to enjoy the upcoming SCIMUN 2021. 

Ann Tang



Ann Tang is a senior at Quality Schools International (QSI) Shenzhen. For four years she has been actively participating in MUN conferences. Throughout her high school career, she has been a part of nine conferences as a delegate and a chair. Besides MUN, Ann is also an active member of Dragon Media Network (DMN), Dance club, National Chinese Honor Society (NCHS), International Thespian Society (ITS), and soccer. Serving as secretary for SCIMUN 2021, Ann pledges to assist her fellow cabinet members, and bring the best out of SCIMUN 2021 to all coming delegates and chairs.

Matt Hannon