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SCIMUN was established in 2016 by Mark Shen (QSI senior) and advisor Kyle Mims, with the hopes of becoming an international platform for civil debate. Following the motto: “student-led, student-initiated, student-involved,” SCIMUN actively promotes student empowerment, and our three-day conference holds the wellbeing of all participants to the highest degree. We seek to provide a positive atmosphere for creative discussion, collaborative work, and powerful expression. Despite our short history, we guarantee professionalism and expertise. That is the tradition we uphold.

Through the Years. 

Feel free to interact with the timeline to learn more about the history of SCIMUN.




The first establishment of SCIMUN 2016 championed Sustainability, holding an all-green conference with 120 attendees. Delegates came from China to Belize to congregate in the Shekou Nanhai Hilton in Shenzhen.


Rule of Law

SCIMUN 2017 followed the theme of Rule of Law, exploring the necessity of civil discourse in a post-truth society. The administration upheld all the values of the first conference, commended for its professionalism.




With the focus on International Security, SCIMUN 2018 sought to promote awareness of these very real global issues that threaten the peace. Over 150 students participated in fruitful debate.

Under the theme Global Development, SCIMUN 2019 committed itself to growth and to fighting apathy, hoping that each and every participant experienced some form of character development. Students from 11 schools convened at the Hilton one last time before SCIMUN moves to the Marriott.




Although SCIMUN 2020 was canceled due to the outbreak of COVID-19, following the theme of Redefining Authority, SCIMUN 2020 had planned to task 180 delegates to challenge themselves to define authority and address the themes of injustice and rebellion in their committees, critically thinking and developing their global mindedness.




Despite the challenges of Covid-19, SCIMUN 2021 was successfully hosted under the theme Suppressing Disorder. Delegates were able to directly experience the impacts of "global disorder", utilizing their capabilities to create solutions in a time of distress.


A World 

For All

Due to sudden Covid-19 lockdown, SCIMUN 2022 was hosted virtually under the theme “A World For All”. Regardless of the platform, over 100 delegates engaged in debates to create a world for all.




Under Global Development, SCIMUN 2019 committed itself to growth and to fighting apathy, hoping that each and every participant experienced some form of character development. Students from 11 schools convened at the Hilton one last time before SCIMUN moves to the Marriott.

Our Core Values.



SCIMUN is proud to be student-led, student-initiated, and student involved. 



Delegates are pushed to work together to find solutions to the issues at hand.


Global Connection

SCIMUN encourages students to maintain an international worldview when tackling global issues. 



We place utmost importance on creating a realistic and professional conference experience.   



SCIMUN advocates for sustainable solutions, fostering environmental awareness.



SCIMUN embraces change, viewing development as potential for resolution. 

 2023 Theme: Restoration and Innovation

This year, under our theme Restoration and Innovation SCIMUN 2023 urges delegates to repair unsolved global conflicts and transnational disputes and develop new, innovative methods to improve all aspects of our global community.



Janice Kim



Janice Kim is a Senior at QSI Shenzhen who is actively engaged in her school community, especially in promoting Model United Nations to peers around her. She attended her first conference as a 12YO and has been engrossed in fruitful, fascinating, and enlightening MUN conferences ever since. She has won multiple awards as delegate, chaired at SCIMUN VI for the G20 committee, and served as SCIMUN VII's DSG. Her passion for MUN is rooted in her belief that MUN is an accurate representation of the real world, fosters innovation, and raises awareness on urgent global issues.  In addition to her involvement in MUN, she is also a member of a multitude of organizations such as NHS, NEHS, Mu Alpha Theta, SNHS. Janice is honored to serve as the Secretary General of SCIMUN VIII and is eager to organize a conference that achieves "Restoration and Innovation". 


Artem Skorobogatov



Artem Skorobogatov is a sophomore at Quality Schools International (QSI) Shenzhen. He is passionate about film and photography, has various leadership experiences, and is a diligent student. He has been involved with SCIMUN since his freshman year. Outside of SCIMUN, he is currently the Vice President of Dragon Media Network (QSI’S Morning Broadcast Studio), Vice President of Film Club, and a member of the National Art Honor Society. Artem Skorobogatov is excited to be able to return to the SIMUN Press Team now as the Chief of Press. He will work hard to record and photograph the best moments of SCIMUN and do his best to create outstanding opening and closing ceremony videos. He is sure that SCIMUN 2023, will provide an unforgettable experience for all those who attend. 

Caroline Zu



Caroline Zu is a junior at Quality Schools International of Shenzhen (QSIS). She is from Hong Kong and has been studying at QSI for the past 12 years. She is well versed in the language of formal debate and has participated in various MUN events since middle school. She won multiple Best Delegate awards and chaired the Security Council at SCIMUN VII. She  currently serves as the President of QSI Secondary's MUN Club and is a member of various honor societies, including NHS, Mu Alpha Theta, Rho Kappa, and more. She is incredibly excited to work with the delegates and chairs of SCIMUN 2023. 


Alexandra Gutnik



Alexandra Gutnik is a current junior at QSI Shenzhen. Alongside being Eastern European, she studied in a bilingual school before coming to QSI, which allowed her to become proficient in three languages—Russian, English, and Chinese. She stumbled upon MUN as a freshman, and soon became fascinated with its inner world of diplomacy, creative thinking, and real-world imitation. Since then, she has attended multiple conferences, and is planning on participating in many more (both as a delegate and a chair!). Asides from debate, she’s also passionate about art, volunteering, and raising awareness on mental health; she’s the Vice President of NAHS and is also the founder of To Mind Healers. She’s more than honored to serve as the Chief of Marketing of SCIMUN VIII, and hopes to inspire minds alike with the upcoming conference. 


Fa Sing Pei



Fa Sing Pei is a senior at Quality School International (QSI) of Shenzhen and this is her 13th year in QSI. She’s ethnically Chinese but holds an American passport. Since she was raised as a child of two cultures: American and Chinese, she has a broad view of cultural differences. She has participated in three MUN conferences, two as a delegate and one as chair. She has also taken part in many other types of competitions aside from MUN. Fa Sing is also an active member of honor societies and clubs such as the National Arts Honor Society (NAHS), Music Honor Society (TRI-M), Social Studies Honor Society (Rho Kappa), and Business club. Serving as the Chief of Staff, she’ll try her best to provide the most comfortable conference for everyone. 


Vic Chen



Vic Chen has been a junior student at QSI since the age of 4. He was born in Taiwan but has lived in Shenzhen ever since he can remember. He has participated in several MUN conferences before both as a chair and as a delegate and has particularly enjoyed them. This time, he looks forwards to an exciting and SCIMUN experience with all the other cabinets. In school, he is an active member of the Science National Honor Society and the club president of the Math Honor Society. 

Screen Shot 2022-11-08 at 3.48.19 PM.png

Sam Zhang


Ty Duan


Leona Wu


Sam, a junior in QSI is the Secretary for SCIMUN 2023. He attended three conferences before SCIMUN and is excited to continue the tradition of MUN as a cabinet member. He is from the United States where he spent most his life until he came to QSI at the age of 12. Some of the traits Sam believes that delegates of MUN should consider is to accurately represent their countries and present unique points. Sam is excited to be a part of the cabinet member with the rest of SCIMUN 2023 an unforgettable experience for everyone. 


Ty Duan is an IB Mathematics & IB Economics teacher at Quality Schools International. He is passionate about education and global issues. Besides teaching, working for the UN is also one of his dream jobs and he's very excited to supervise SCIMUN this year.


Leona Wu is an IB Psychology teacher at Quality Schools International. SCIMUN 2023 will be her second MUN experience, and she is looking forward to supporting students as one of the supervisors.

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