SCIMUN was established in 2016 by Mark Shen (QSI senior) and advisor Kyle Mims, with the hopes of becoming an international platform for civil debate. Following the motto: “student-led, student-initiated, student-involved,” SCIMUN actively promotes student empowerment, and our three-day conference holds the wellbeing of all participants to the highest degree. We seek to provide a positive atmosphere for creative discussion, collaborative work, and powerful expression. Despite our short history, we guarantee professionalism and expertise. That is the tradition we uphold.

Through the Years.



The first establishment of SCIMUN 2016 championed Sustainability, holding an all-green conference with 120 attendees. Delegates came from China to Belize to congregate in the Shekou Nanhai Hilton in Shenzhen.



SCIMUN 2017 followed the theme of Rule of Law, exploring the necessity of civil discourse in a post-truth society. The administration upheld all the values of the first conference, commended for its professionalism.



With the focus on International Security, SCIMUN 2018 sought to promote awareness of these very real global issues that threaten the peace. Over 150 students participated in fruitful debate.



Under the theme Global Development, SCIMUN 2019 committed itself to growth and to fighting apathy, hoping that each and every participant experienced some form of character development. Students from 11 schools convened at the Hilton one last time before SCIMUN moves to the Marriott.

Our Core Values.


We place utmost importance on creating a realistic and professional conference experience.   


Delegates are pushed to work together together to find solutions to the issues at hand.


SCIMUN advocates for sustainable solutions, fostering environmental awareness.


SCIMUN is proud to be student-led, student-initiated, and student involved. 

Global Connection

SCIMUN encourages students to maintain an international worldview when tackling global issues. 


SCIMUN embraces change, viewing development as potential for resolution. 


Every year, SCIMUN introduces an overarching theme to guide the conference; a theme for delegates to think over and reflect on as they tackle global issues in their respective committees. The theme for SCIMUN's 2020 conference is Redefining Authority: in a world riddled with oppression, inequality, and a need for change, one question remains important: what is authority? Over the course of history-- even today-- the definition of this word is murky and dependent on circumstance. 

Over the course of the conference, we encourage delegates to ask themselves what role authority plays in their everyday lives and in the lives of others. What role does it play in the events of the world today? In the conflicts we are currently facing? In each committee, delegates will be tasked with the challenge of not only defining authority, but also addressing the themes of injustice and rebellion so often glued to its connotation. Whether it be through standing up for labour rights or addressing gun control, it's time for authority to be called into question.


Holly Qu



Holly Qu is a senior at Quality Schools International (QSI) of Shenzhen, China, and returning Secretary General of SCIMUN 2020. She has been actively involved in MUN and debate since middle school, acquiring a passion for the spirit that a good conference can unlock in students. Born in New Zealand but raised in as international a city as Shenzhen, she has witnessed the need for open-mindedness and civil discourse, the need for student empowerment and student ambition. Holly has participated in numerous conferences as delegate, and has served as chair for two SCIMUN conferences. In school, she is an avid volleyball player, member of several honor societies, and coffee addict. This year, she pledges to preserve the ideals that constitute SCIMUN and create an experience to be remembered. She looks forward to seeing some new and some familiar faces in March!

Michael You



Michael You is a junior at Quality schools international (QSI) of Shenzhen, China. Born, and for the most part, raised in Shenzhen he is acutely aware of the need for prudence and professionalism in modern city life. In school, he is the President and founding member of the FBLA club and an active member of the MUN club. His involvement in MUN began in high school, and he quickly developed an interest in debating and international politics. While he started late, he quickly grasped the art of debate and argument. So far, he has been involved in a total of five conferences as a delegate and an officer. As SCIMUN 2020’s Chief Financial Officer, he vows to deliver a memorable and worth while Model UN conference.

Amanda Li



Amanda Li is a senior at Quality Schools International (QSI) Shenzhen. She is the president of Habitat for Humanity, a member of the multiple honour societies, and an athlete on the cross country and basketball team. Always keen on the social sciences, she explored the history of conquests, collapses, and revolutions through courses and books. This interest shaped her understanding that the world is always changing…mostly for the good. MUN is part of that change, cultivating future politicians to take on the prominent issues in the world. Amanda is excited for the conference and all it has to bring and pledges to make SCIMUN 2020 an experience filled with new and innovative ideas. 

Sharon Han



Sharon Han is a junior at Quality Schools International (QSI) Shenzhen. Having experienced many different cultures since she was a child, Sharon fell in love with MUN at her first conference (XIAMUN 2015) when she was 11 years old and participated in a total of six conferences as a delegate and a chair. She especially has been part of SCIMUN since she was in middle school both as a delegate and a chair and is prepared to challenge all the upcoming catastrophes of SCIMUN 2020. Sharon currently is the President of QSI MUN Club, the President of Hospital Service Club, and a member of multiple Honor Societies. As SCIMUN 2020’s Deputy Secretary General, she pledges to create a memorable and entertaining conference for everyone who wishes to take part in SCIMUN 2020.

Margaux Garcia



Margaux Garcia is a senior at Quality Schools International (QSI) Shenzhen. Founding member and current President of the school’s news network Dragon Media Network (DMN), she has had the privilege to be involved in various broadcasted events, including two SCIMUN conferences. With this background, she has witnessed and experienced the unique empowerment that arises when a group of committed and brilliant students collaborate. Besides DMN, Margaux dedicates her time to Student Council and the National English Honor Society. Given the title of Chief of Press in this year’s SCIMUN conference, she pledges to offer her assistance in any way that she can while ensuring to capture the memorable moments of SCIMUN 2020. 

Cherry Zhang



Cherry Zhang is a senior at Quality Schools International (QSI) Shenzhen. Born in Shenzhen but raised in Vancouver, she has been gifted the opportunity to explore two drastically different cultures. Her involvement with MUN began in middle school, and she has been actively involved ever since. Having attended six conferences—including three at SCIMUN—as a delegate, press member, and last year’s Chief Communications Officer, she knows the exhilaration that comes with each experience and holds a unique insight towards it. In school, Cherry is the current President of NHS, Dragon Media Network’s Media Manager, and an active member of the Dragon Players theatre troupe. As SCIMUN 2020’s Chief of Staff, she pledges to dedicate all her effort to helping create a pleasant and memorable conference.

Caisa Quinn



Caisa Quinn is a senior at Quality Schools International (QSI) Shenzhen. Caisa is been passionate about MUN and debate since middle school, and has participated in over 8 conferences as both a chair and delegate. She is extremely honoured to be returning to SCIMUN as a member of the cabinet, and seeks to promote MUN to any and all students wishing to improve their public speaking skills and their awareness regarding global issues. In addition to MUN, Caisa has an extensive background in film and media production, and hopes to pursue a career in marketing and media communications after graduating. She is is also an active member of QSI's Student Council, NHS, NEHS, and volleyball team. 

Joseph Mancuso


Joseph Mancuso comes from South Carolina, USA, and graduated with honors with a degree in history and geography education at Clemson University. He has 

worked at QSI for the past four years, and supervised its MUN club for three. He has been SCIMUN's advisor for two years running, and wishes everyone a wonderful conference. 





1177 Wanghai Rd.

Nanshan, Shenzhen,

Guangdong, China